Football Spread Betting Guide

Football Spread Betting

Football Spread Betting is when you bet against the spread in markets such as Supremacy, Total Goals, Bookings, Corners, Team Goal Minutes and Player Goal Minutes.

Spread betting is a different way to bet on the outcomes of events in Football matches. Instead of betting on a binary outcome (your bet wins or it loses), you bet on a range of potential outcomes. In the context of football, instead of betting on a goals over/under single outcome the amount either won or lost is affected by the number of goals scored.

Difference Between Spread Betting and Fixed Odds

Many people prefer spread betting on football over fixed odds because of multiple possible outcomes. This makes the match interesting until the final whistle blows.

This is accomplished by betting against the spread. The Spread is two prices, one price to “buy” and the other price to “sell.” For instance, say 2.3-2.5 was the price for total goals in England v Brazil

England v Brazil Total Goals 2.3-2.5

If you believe it will be a high scoring match, like a 3-2 and the buy price was 2.5 you would buy at 2.5 because you believe that there will be lots of goals in the game.

If there were 5 goals you would win 2.5 times your stake unit.

If there were 1 goal you would lose 1.5 times your stake unit.

If the total goals market was 2.3 goals to sell and you thought the match would be a tight game ending in a low score like 1-0 you would sell at 2.3 because you believe that there won’t be many goals in the game.

If the match ended 0-0 you would win 2.3 times your stake unit. If there were say 4 goals you would lose 1.7 times your stake unit

List of Football Spread Betting Markets

  • Supremacy (how many goals one team beats the other by)
  • Total Goals
  • Bookings
  • Corners
  • Shirt numbers
  • Goal Time 1st Match Goal
  • Goal Time 1st Team Goal
  • Team Goal Minutes
  • Player Goal Minutes

Football Spread Betting - Leagues and Competitions

You can spread bet on all the major football leagues including The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, Eredivisie and the Bundesliga.

Spread betting on major tournaments is also available. The Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and World Cup are some of the tournaments available.

Football Spread Betting Full Guide

Our detailed guide to football spread betting will take you through each spread betting market describing how each market works The comprehensive guide will help you learn how to bet on each spread betting market for football.

Football Spread Betting Detailed Guide

Football Spread Betting Trends

Traditionally spread betting was the reserve of professional bettors and people who worked in the financial sector. Many of which, work for some of the top banks and investment firms in London.

Many workers in the City find the concept of spread betting on sports to be very similar to spread betting on financial markets. However, now many traditional punters are investigating football spread betting.

StarSpreads - Football Spread Betting

StarSpreads takes a customer first approach. We are a trader led business and we are happy to price up markets over the phone that are not displayed on our site if possible.

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